Your Words – and your Child’s Brain

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Your Words – and your Child’s Brain

2014-10-19 12.59.02When we enter this world our mind is like a sponge. It is ready to absorb and learn from every single thing in our surroundings.  From birth to age six, our brain stays in the low frequency activity range labeled as Delta and Theta wavelength (0.5-8 Hz). This is similar to when a hypnotherapist drops the brain activity to a state that is below conscious awareness.

This scientific measurement clues us into the importance parents play in shaping and creating a child’s world. Often parents think their children’s genes will be in charge of the way the child develops, but we are learning that is just not the truth. The study of how environmental input, or epigenetics, shapes a child’s health and behavior is a newly emerging area of research that has a lot to say about the way we raise our families.

Epigenetics says the sponge that is our developing brain will soak up the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that we observe in our parents. We essentially download the environment onto our hard drive and compare every event in our life to this reference point. This means that as I grow up and I watch my parents fight about money, I will develop an attitude about money that reflects what I have stored on my hard drive. This is most obvious to any parent whose child has repeated a curse word with almost the same tone, inflection and meaning behind it as the parent did.

This precise and detailed behavior-recording system will cement into the circuitry of the brain whatever signals it receives. Whether they are of praise and joy or statements such as “you will never amount to anything,” “You are so stupid,” or “Grow up.”  At such a young age a child’s brain has not evolved enough to question these statements and once programmed into the subconscious will shape the behavior and life of a child’s development.

So as a parent you must identify what fears you are reinforcing in your own life and therefore passing onto your next generation. You must do the work on yourself and determine what unnecessary investment of your own focus is limiting you. And you must take care not to pass those limiting beliefs on. Know that your choices, actions and presence helps to shape their world and that you have an amazing responsibility to help them reach their soul purpose, aA duty to teach them of the greatness inside of them.  And above all else, JUST BE LOVE!

What people are saying about Morter Wellness

WOW…Dr. Ted, you have “The Touch”. For years I have had chronic low back pain. It has been so severe at times that I was unable to walk. I have seen other doctors and they have helped, but the pain has always remained. I have learned to deal with it on a daily basis. The mornings are the worse, trying to get out of bed. After two treatments from you, I was able to get out of bed and feel fantastic…ready to start my day. Thank You! Thank You! I am a believer and will keep coming in for regular “tune ups” for my body.

Susan, Arkansas

When we first started going to see Dr. Katy in January 2011, my son was having about 10-15 seizures a day, that lasted about 5-10 seconds, and he would fall most times and when he fell at school, they sent him home. January, and February he was sent home almost everyday. Dr. Katy did a lot of adjustments, and gave my son exercises to do to reduce stress. She also changed his diet and our whole family is now eating healthier because of her educating us….Our health has totally changed, we feel so much better!… Since Dr. Katy started us on the diet, my sons seizures have been few and far between, and if and when we see one it is only a maximum 2-3 seconds. Read the rest of Elijah’s story here.

Scheleta, Indiana

What I expected was for Dr. Ted to adjust my back by pushing and causing it to crack… I wasn’t expecting the treatment or results I received and I can’t explain what happened… That one non-invasive, unaggressive adjustment led to the elimination of lower back pain that I had suffered from for many years – and had seen other doctors for!… I was anticipating something extraordinary and that’s just what I got. Go for it! Read the rest of Shenice’s story here.

Shenice, Indiana

I am 27 years old, and I was born with mild spastic cerebral palsy. All my life I’ve had back and muscle pain because of the way my cerebral palsy causes me to walk. My pain always got even worse when I was under emotional stress. I was in physical therapy for most of my childhood, though I couldn’t see it helping me. I started going to Dr. Katy about six weeks ago, and within two days of my first adjustment I noticed a vast improvement in my walking. Now I am walking straighter than I ever have, and I can walk for much longer before getting tired. Now when my feet move incorrectly, I notice it right away and I am able to adjust my feet immediately. This is something I’ve never been able to do before going to Dr. Katy. The treatment I’ve received with Dr. Katy is the only treatment I’ve ever truly seen help me.

Maria, Indiana