Is it safe to get adjusted when I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy is very special for a woman emotionally and physically. Your body is going through intense physical and biochemical changes to prepare you for birth and pregnancymotherhood. Emotionally, your brain is also changing, clearing out old junk to allow you to focus on your baby and new family.

How our treatments help moms-to-be

Research has shown that gentle adjustments can help create an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery for both mom & baby. Dr. Katy and Dr. Ted are certified in the Webster Technique – a specific Chiropractic adjustment to balance and align the pelvis for optimum room for babies to move and deliver.

More importantly, Dr. Katy & Dr. Ted also use their mastery of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique to help moms deal with stress and strain that can keep their bodies locked in a defensive mode. They also offer gentle, adjustments to the spine and pelvis to help balance and realign the body as it changes.