Your Everyday Toolbox

As mentioned before, getting treatment is only part of the solution. The REAL way  you’re going to get healthier more quickly and stay healthier longer is by using a variety of tools. We call this your toolbox, and they’re a great way to start your day, end your day, and help you overcome stress throughout the day.

  • Breathing – Did you know that your breath is the EASIEST way you can immediately squash your fight-or-flight response? Deep, slow breathing takes you from your stress mode to your healing mode. True health is impossible without it!
  • Water – Drinking water is a critical part of being healthy. Yes, Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about how ridiculous people are who talk about staying hydrated (Watch it here – it’s funny!), but it’s true. You need water. And if you’re reading this with a headache, stop right now and get a glass of water. Once people begin to get adjusted and aligned, one of the most common cause of headaches, other than your (fill-in-the-blank family member), is dehydration.
  • Eating Well – This means including vegetables, fruits, and fermented foods in your diet. Couple that with good, organic meats, and you’re on a winning track. However, every person has different situations and stressors that keep them from living their best. If you have a desire to have better nutrition, then we have tricks up our sleeves to help you achieve it.
  • Sleep – Often, people who come to see us for treatment report better sleep. And sleep is important! It’s where your body recharges and rejuvenates, hormones balance and your brain clears out the junk from the day. If you’re not sleeping, we can help you figure out what’s standing in the way.
  • Forgiveness – Still holding onto that grudge from grade school? LET IT GO! IT’S KILLING YOU! Seriously. Holding onto old hurts keeps your body from being able to relax – and that’s keeping you from healing.
  • Posture – Want to know a sure-fire way to look thinner, feel better and appear more successful? Stand up straight! Neurologically, your posture is a communication of what your brain perceives about the world around you. Standing up straight, you’re a winner. Slumped, you look and act defeated – or angry. A huge part of treatment is learning how to use posture to change your pain, change your brain, and change your life.
  • Exercise – Movement is life. If you don’t move it, you lose it. You just need to move. Period. Part of the toolbox learning at Morter Wellness is figuring out how to fit small breaks in your day where you can maximize your movement for the best effect on your brain and your body.