Gentle treatments to help you make the most out of life!


Morter Wellness Center Gentle Techniques: BEST, Cranial Adjusting, Upper Cervical (Atlas)

Morter Wellness Center uses the gentlest techniques to align – body and mind.

Using three of the gentlest yet most powerful healing techniques, the Morters create restorative and motivating treatment programs for each client to address mind-body blockages that are preventing them from living life to the fullest. This helps people break pain patterns, emotional patterns and physical patterns that keep them locked in a stress physiology that never allow them to move forward.

Latest News

Your Words – and your Child’s Brain

When we enter this world our mind is like a sponge. It is ready to absorb and learn from every single thing in our surroundings.  From birth to age six, our brain stays in the low frequency activity range labeled as Delta and Theta wavelength (0.5-8 Hz). This is similar…

No Such Thing as a Normal Headache?

Headaches plague almost all people at some point in their life. But did you know that there is no such thing as a “normal headache?” The answer is “no.” A headache is a symptom – a way that your body tells you that you’re out of balance. The most common…

Winter Dehydration Warning!

In looking over a client’s bloodwork this week, I noticed a couple markers that were slightly out of the “healthy” range that could indicate slight dehydration – an easy thing to fix. I asked him if he drank enough water to which his wife replied, “No! He never drinks enough!”…

Is Hidden MSG Making you Fat?

Natural flavor. Chicken broth. Gelatin. What do these three common ingredients have in common? They all mean that the food you’re eating may contain monosodium glutamate otherwise known as MSG. A common additive in baby formula, soups, broths, processed and fast food, MSG adds more than just flavor. It can…

Kids & Sports Injuries

Children are playing sports more than ever and younger than ever and their little bodies are put through enormous strain. For them, Chiropractic care is essential. Maintaining spinal and joint alignment helps prevent injuries as well as promoting general health. Sports can be fantastic opportunities for kids to have fun,…

Are you playing for the offense or the defense?

As summer slowly eases into fall, the mornings are crisper, the leaves are starting to turn, and the kids are back to school. Also – it’s football time! Sports analogies are rampant in our culture and there’s a reason why. A game is life played head on – football often…

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